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Restoryte Color Restorer

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Restoryte rejuvenates the original look and feel of faded items instantly.

Suitable for leather, plastic, fiberglass, stone, metal, acrylics and vinyl.

Brings back the color and shine to faded surfaces. Use it on cooking grills, patio furniture, garden accessories, window frames and much more.

Clean the surface and ensure it is completely dry before use. Apply Restoryte with the microfibre cloth included, the surface should then be completely dry after 24 hours.

Once done, the application will additionally create a water resistant finish with UV protection to keep items looking like new.

Restoryte is the fast and easy way to make everything faded look bright and new again. It’s so easy. Just wipe it on, and that faded surface is gone. In seconds, Restoryte can turn back the hands of time, and make virtually everything old new again with just a wipe.

Use Restoryte to restore and protect hundreds of items around your home on leather, plastic, metal, stone, vinyl, and more. Just one wipe brings it back to life.

Never fuss with matching paint chips, or mess with the wrong paint color again. Restoryte’s Magic Match color enhancement technology perfectly blends and matches every time on virtually any surface, bringing that original luster, shine, and rich color back to life.

The secret is in Restoryte’s proprietary formula with millions of microscopic polymers that penetrate deep into the surface, restoring and protecting it with a durable invisible shield that is UV and water-resistant.


  • Restores and rejuvenates instantly
  • Works in leather, plastic, metal, stone, vinyl and more
  • Water resistant
  • Long Lasting Duration
  • Fast and Easy


  • Restoryte solution 
  • Application sponge
  • 3 x microfibre cloths
  • Detail brush
  • 1 pair of Nitrile gloves
  • Instruction manual