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Twister Game

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Twister is a very simple game that can become very complicated as the players can easily get tied up in knots.

The mat that forms the playing surface is decorated with six circles each of red, yellow, green and blue. The mat is durable, waterproof with a wipe-clean surface but it can also be a little slippery so care must be taken. The spinner arrow is easy to assemble and to use.

An appointed person spins the spinner and calls out instructions for the players to follow, such as: "left hand blue, right foot red". The players follow the directions, moving their hands and feet to the relevant circles and try not to fall over--a knee or an elbow on the ground and they're out. For young children the challenge is not only not to fall over but also to remember left from right and color recognition.

As well as the perfect ice-breaker for children's parties

Twister is also very popular with adults as the challenge to reach all the circles and remain upright becomes harder the less supple you are (or the more you've had to drink...)

You're sure to get yourself in a twist! Spin the spinner and make your move, placing the correct part of your body on one of the circles of the color demanded by the spinner. Twist yourself around all the other players to make sure you reach your circle. The last person standing wins.


  • Material: plastic mat, paper board
  • Game time: less than 30 mins
  • Game player: 2-4 players
  • Six years up