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2x Swimming Nose Clip With String

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The excitement is palpable. You stand at the deep pool’s edge, ready to slice into its cool, refreshing water in one fell swoop.

Your feet become springboards as you defy the force of gravity and jump high into the air and then down into the deep water. As you reorient yourself and begin to form strokes and kicks, a gush of water streams through your nose and stops you in your tracks. Why ruin such an exhilarating moment?

Reorient yourself with this Swimming Nose Clip and you won’t have to.

This latex nose plugs step up to the test. Their smooth surface is soft on the skin of the nose while pinching nostrils together to block water and prevent its entry, as well as that of chlorine, salt, and even dangerous amoebas, for those who swim in warm natural water bodies.

A latex string attached to both ends helps keep each nose plug securely in place, so it doesn’t get lost even if it is removed while swimming.

For most comfortable wear and best fit, we recommend pulling the latex string over the head and putting on the nose clip after your bathing cap and goggles.


  • DIVE WITHOUT FEAR: No more chlorinated water rushing up your nose when you jump into the pool! These latex strapped nose clips keep water out of nostrils so you can focus on your swim technique.
  • COMFORTABLE PROTECTION: While shielding the nostrils from water, chlorine and salt, the latex padded edges of this nose clip rest softly on skin to form a tight seal that doesn’t feel too tight to wear.
  • KEEP YOUR GEAR ON YOU: Our strapped nose clip contains a latex strap attached at both ends to help keep it in place while you swim and to prevent misplacing the clip while removing it in the water.
  • ENHANCE YOUR SWIMMING: Perfect for children in swimming lessons, or even grownups who get distracted by water-clogged nostrils. This noseclip is helpful for experience swimmers and learners.
  • ALLERGIES AND AMOEBAS, BEWARE: Don’t let a chlorine allergy keep you from enjoying the pool! The clips prevent chlorine and other harmful amoebas in warm-water lakes from entering your nose.


  • Latex Nose Clip
  • Latex String
  • One Size Fits All
  • Beige