Play Clay Food Maker Sets

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Play Clay Food Maker Sets

Let your imagination go wild with pretend lunchtime creations!

This set allows cooks to imagine their own make-believe hamburgers, hot dogs, buns and toppings, and then shape them with clay!

Make noodles for dinner and ice cream for dessert!

When the picnic masterpieces are ready, serve them up with cutlery for show!

Choose between:

  • Hamburger Set
  • Noodle Set
  • Ice Cream Set

Hamburger set

  • Creative cooks can grill up the fun at their own clay barbecue
  • Open the grill to make pretend burgers, make-believe hot dogs, and more
  • Squeeze funny fries and crazy condiments with the decorator tool
  • Grill top has molds for outrageous onion rings and other pretend toppings
  • Includes 4 Clay colors
  • Ages: 3+ years.

Noodle Set

  • With this clay set he best ingredient of all is imagination!
  • From pretend pasta to imaginary ramen bowls, budding chefs can create all kinds of delightful clay noodle dishes with their very own noodle maker machine.
  • Get cookin' and serve up some creativity!
  • Pretend Raviolis & Silly Lasagna
  • Make-Believe Toppings
  • Ages: 3+ years.

Ice Cream Set

  • Open a pretend ice cream parlour and have creative imaginary ice cream parties again and again with this cool 3-in-1 appliance with lots of accessories
  • Simply load multiple clay colours into the centre ice cream dispenser, press the lever and press out amazing pretend ice cream swirls!
  • Comes with ice cream dispenser
  • Place your ice cream in a cup or cone
  • Includes 7 Clay colors
  • Ages: 3+ years.

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