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1Kg Finish Powder -Lemon

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Tough On Stains

From hardened cereal bowls and dirty pans to baked-on lasagna stains, this Finish dishwasher powder will banish the grease and grime in no time. It is formulated with a unique formula that gives an effective cleaning power to this detergent, thereby making it perfect for everyday use. Furthermore, this Finish powder gives off a fresh, lemony fragrance that deodorizes dirty utensils.

Flawless Results, Every Time
With this dishwasher powder, you can place your dirtiest dishes straight in the dishwasher. It contains Stain Soakers, which dissolve instantly to soften dried-on food residues and clean all marks of grime away for a brilliant and spotless shine.


  • Pre-soaking action allows stains to rinse off easily leaving no residue
  • Provides the ultimate clean in every wash and ensures a brilliant finish
  • Pleasant lemon aroma leaves dishwasher smelling clean and fresh
  • Powerful powder cleaner formulated to remove tough foods like coffee, burnt-on stains and grease