Homemax Bag Bungee Straps

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The Bag Bungee helps you maneuver through airports and travel with ease!

Simply open the buckle and slip one end over your suitcase handle.

Fit a second bag (or items such as a coat or handbag) on top of your suitcase and use the Bag Bungee to secure it to your suitcase to carry more with less effort!

An absolute must have travel accessory that provides a hassle free experience for anyone.

Product Specifications:

  • Whether you are just out for a quick run around, traveling domestically or internationally, the bungee allows you to secure a second bag, coat, suitcase or box to your carry-on or wheeled luggage, allowing you to stack extra baggage securely.
  • The trendy Bungee allows you to stack your baggage vertically, giving you more maneuvering space and lets you move around with the utmost confidence.

Product Description:

  • Secures a second bag to a bigger bag's handle so they move as one
  • Attaches to wheeled-bag handles
  • Work with single- or double-pole handles
  • Clips to wheeled bag and then straps around the second bag
  • Adjustable for a secure fit
  • Package Includes : 2x Bag Bungee straps