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2-for-1 Electronic Pet Tamagotchi

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90s kids, assemble!

Now is the time to redeem your poor, prepubescent parenting skills because the original Tamagotchi is back, and it probably already needs to be fed.

Can you hear the little blips and bloops of cleaning up your digital pet’s poop already ringing in your ears?

You won’t need to travel to the depths of the internet or your parents basement to get your little digital pet back.

Now you can get yours here and now!


  • 168 pets to choose from
  • Multiple colors too choose from
  • Press buttons to select fun activities and care for your pet as you play.
  • Look after your pet by caring for it, providing medical help, feeding it and generally doing everything that you would do for a real pet!
  • The Virtual Pet is ideal to teach children how to look after animals before you furnish them with the real thing!!
  • Also for people of all ages looking to travel back in time to their childhood.
  • Please note: Random color will be sent.