2-for-1 Elephant Silicone Sippy Cup Lids

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Babies and toddlers are often very active, and tend to make a mess of things, especially when they’re eating or drinking.

Let kids be kids whilst letting mom and dad’s experience with baby to be just as enjoyable.

With these amazingly practical lids, you can quickly and effortlessly turn any cup into a sippy cup quickly and easily!

All you have to do is fit the soft silicone lid around the mouth of the cup, and voila!

No more spills!


  • Guaranteed safe & toxin-free for baby - BPA-, BPS-, lead-, latex-, phthalates-free
  • Comes in an elephant design in a bright blue color, so it is both FUN & FUNCTIONAL
  • Turns a regular cup into a spillproof sippy cup. Say goodbye to bulky cups inside your bag!
  • Material makes it lightweight & flexible, which makes it extremely portable for any trips, picnics, and days out with the family!
  • It comes in gender-neutral colors, which makes it the perfect gift for parents, or parents-to-be
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Cleaning options:

  1. Boil to sterilize
  2. Or wash with mild soap and warm water
  3. Or use dishwasher