2-for-1 Magnetic Putty

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2-for-1 Magnetic Putty

Millions of tiny micron-sized magnets are embedded in each handful of Magnetic Putty. Use the included super-strong ceramic magnet to control the putty like a snake charmer. Or "charge" the blob of putty so it can become a magnet of its own and pick up small tacks and paperclips.


  • The putty is magnetic and can be pulled freely and fast.
  • Magnetic putty can be stretched and bounced like rubber, shaped and sculpted like clay, providing you with lots of fun.
  • An educational toy for growing kids who can learn about magnetic fields.
  • It can be molded into any shape, ideal for developing children's intelligence and releasing adults' stress. 


Available in random colors.

Caution: This product is harmful if swallowed.