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2-In-1 Olive Oil & Vinegar Spray Bottle

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You will no longer have trouble guessing how much oil to use!

Easy to use!

A flexible and reusable solution to spraying a custom mix of oil and vinegar evenly and prepare vinaigrette instantly.


  • This handy tool helps make your life easy; you can spray 100% oil, or 100% vinegar and anything in between; you can adjust the combination of desired oil and vinegar at any moment to get the perfect mixture every time.
  • A quick press on the trigger will allow you to produce an oil mist or slow action will produce a dash of vinaigrette.
  • The kitchen oil mister features a chrome and stainless steel finish with dripless spouts.
  • A front-facing hand trigger empowers easy use.
  • Each side of the 2-in-1 oil and vinegar spray mister is labeled for vinegar and oil for precise amounts.
  • It can be adjusted to deliver a fine mist or a dash as needed.


  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Hand -wash only.