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20 Minute Dental Teeth Whitening Kit

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Light up your smile with the 20 Minute Dental White professional tooth whitening system.

The Dental White kit is the complete tooth whitening system that whitens your teeth up to eight shades* in just 20 minutes a day!

20 Minute Dental White uses professional dentist technology, first apply a healthy vitamin E treatment with swabs (included), attach the pre-filled gel tray to the advanced LED accelerator light, insert into mouth and turn on.

The gel goes to work immediately producing deep oxygen action that helps breaks up stains and the ultra-bright light speeds up the whitening process for faster, longer lasting results.

No pain or sensitivity.

Dramatic whitening results.

Quick and easy to use.

Includes Pre-filled Tray, LED Accelerator Light, Vitamin E Swabs, Whitening pen for additional whitening.

* Individual results may vary