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20x50 Wide High Power Binoculars

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  1. 100% high optical lens, high resolution and super definition 
  2. shock shockproof
  3. handle extreme weather condition 
  4. Porro prism system provides greater depth perception and generally offer a wider field of view
  5. BAK4 material: higher quality glass, yielding brighter images and high edge sharpness
  6. Good close focus(m): the closest you can be to an objective and maintain clarity is 5m
  7. Long eye relief: 7.2mm
  8. reduce eyestrain and is ideal for eyeglass wearers
  9. Wide field of view:3.2°
  10. Full Broadband Mulfiply Coatings:(FBMC)
  11. increase light transmission and color qualtiy, resulting in a brighter, higher-contrast image,with reduced eyestrain.
  12. Large exist pupil: 2.5mm
  13. allows your eyes to receive a greater amount of light, resulting in a brighter image
  14. Individual focus
  15. better focus, less chance of focuser shift
  16. 20x50 elaborate binocular
  17. Comes with a box, cloth and a pouch
  18. Very easy to carry and use