24 Piece Make Up Brush Set

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Good quality makeup brushes are vital in creating any flawless makeup look. If you don't possess all the necessary makeup brushes, your makeup will never look perfect.

This 24 Piece Brush Set is a great brush set for you if you are just finding your steps in the makeup world. The set carries all the necessary brushes you will need to create any makeup look, of any complexity, with 6 different face brushes and 18 different eyes, plus detailing brushes.

From eye-shadow brush to spooly, foundation brush to powder brush, and even highlighter brush, this set carries them all.

It comes in a gold color rollover pouch, which allows the brushes to be easily carried around and stored properly. The brushes have synthetic bristles, with fawn color handles, gold detailing and a pocket-friendly price tag.


  • Gold color rollover pouch
  • 24 Makeup brushes
  • Portable and travels easily
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Soft synthetic bristles


  1. Large brush-shaped fan (Fiber Hairy),
  2. Fiber Hairy powder,
  3. Cheek powder / brush 
  4. Bevel Rouge 
  5. the Brush Foundation 
  6. SE Hight Light Brush 
  7. Great Eye Shadow Brush 
  8. Brush Eye Shadow Medium 
  9. Eye Smudge Brush 
  10. the eyeshadow Brush 
  11. Half Angle Eye Shadow Brush 
  12. Eye Contour 
  13. Eye Shadow Small Brush 
  14. Medium Angle Brow Brush 
  15. Eye Shadow small brush 
  16. small angle Brow Brush 
  17. Conceal Brush 
  18. Small fan in the form of brush 
  19. Lip Brush 
  20. angle Brow Brush
  21. Eyeshadow Sponge Stick 
  22. Brow Lash Brush 
  23. Lash Brush 
  24. Eyeliner