3 Second Brow - Eyebrow Stamp

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3 Second Brow - Eyebrow Stamp

The 3 Second Brow eyebrow stamp is the perfect, easy way to natural-looking eyebrows in seconds!

3 Second Brows gives you perfectly symmetrical eyebrow in seconds.

Whether you want to shape and define for fuller brows or fill in sparse eyebrow it's easy with three second brow.

Gently press stamp into the brow powder, place stamp on top of eyebrow and enjoy the beautiful brow you always dreamed of.

Apply lightly for subtle look or add pressure for darker, bolder look.

Blends with most hair and skin tones. 

Pre-shaped left and right side stamps. Two shapes to fit all brows - structured arch stamps and soft arch stamps that snap into the top of the compact case for easy storage.


  • Create perfect, evenly-shaped eyebrows in seconds with the 3 Second Brow eyebrow stamp!
  • Just use our no-mess stamps and brow powder to create a full brow with a perfect arch.
  • Hassle free application
  • Perfectly matched, natural-looking brows in seconds
  • Shape & define for a fuller brow or fill in sparse eyebrows
  • Includes Brown makeup compact with mirror, 2 structured arch stamps, 2 soft arch stamps.