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30 Seconds Game

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30 Seconds is the quick thinking, fast talking description game that is perfect for any group or family, big or small.

It's simple to play and is easily enjoyed by all age groups - it really is the game for everyone!

The game is straightforward, players must give hints to their teammate so that they can correctly guess the five names on the card, all this of course having to be done in 30 Seconds!

The names and topics that appear on the cards are those most people will be familiar with including, celebrities & film, music, sport, politicians (only a few!), places, songs, bands, books, TV, movies, shops & brands and more! Some names are more difficult than others but most will be known by the average person in the street.

30 Seconds is fiercely entertaining and can be played by anyone anywhere – just keep the noise down!


  • 240 Cards (2400 Names)
  • 1 Game Board (PDF Material not hardboard)
  • 1 30 Second Timer
  • 1 Dice,
  • 4 Playing Tokens
  • Rules