360° Flexible Cell Phone Holder/Stand

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The 360° Flexible Cell Phone Holder/Stand is perfect for those who get tired of holding up their phone.

Browsing the internet, watching Netflix or any other phone intensive task makes your arms tired after a while and it simply is not comfortable for extended periods of time.

This phone holder straps your phone right in and hangs around your neck/car seat so you’ll get the best view while being hands-free.

The arms can also bend to form a stand so that you can rest your device on any surface.


  • Hands-free, never have tired arms again
  • Fits just about any phone and even small tablets (4.5-10 inch)
  • Adjustable mount
  • Bendable and adjustable mount to get best position
  • Can work has a stand or a selfie stick as well
  • Possibilities are endless with this stand