4-In-1 Electric Dead Skin Remover Touch Beauty

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Touch Beauty 4-In-1 Electric Dead Skin Remover

Comes with four professional pedicure attachments, makes the foot skin smoother, softer and tenderer.

Harsh nickel disc removes big calluses, cutin and dead skin. Fine nickel disc-exfoliates the dead skin and smooths the skin Carborundum grinding cone-files and saws the nails and repairs the toes.

Carborundum grinding cylinder repairs the areas around and between the toes. Protective ring stops dead skin and nail bits spattering and protects the foot. Removable porous disc collects the dead skin and nail bits in a smart way.

Multi-functional magnetic stand easily stores the main device and all the attachments and can even hang on the wall. Anti-slippery design.


  • Material: ABS mainly 
  • Power: USB Rechargeable, built-in battery
  • Function: To remove deadskin


  • Weight: 264 g 
  • Height: 8.7cm 
  • Length: 16.6cm 
  • Width: 6.7cm