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6-in-1 Educational Solar Toy DIY Kit

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6 in 1 DIY Educational Solar Kits is an excellent gift for kids.

Show and teach kids the benefits of solar energy. It is good start for kids to learn something new about solar energy. Very important to have something that is both fun and easy in order to inspire interest.

With this 6 in 1 educational solar kit kids can create 6 different fun solar toy to play and show how the solar power is used to drive small electric motor. Easy to assemble - no tools required for 6 in 1 solar robot kit. Kids can make models such as windmill, puppy, airboat, 2 different planes and car.

Made with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) (recyclable and has the number "3" as its resin identification code). Kit box made with recyclable paper.

Solar power is completely environmental friendly. It does not produce any byproducts such as carbon dioxide, that is basically blamed for greenhouse gases (GHG) and global warming. It does not produce any known pollutants that is released to the environment. Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy that producers no greenhouse gas emissions. These energy source are also know as renewable sources as their supply is limitless and practically free.


  • 1 - 1.2V DC motor with springs
  • 1 - 75mA solar panel with springs
  • 1 - Pinion gear (yellow)
  • 1 - Round shaft
  • 1 - Gear with shaft
  • 1 - Adhesive sponge
  • 1 - 9cm white wire
  • 1 - 9cm green wire
  • 1 - 23cm white wire
  • 1 - 23cm green wire
  • 2 - Plastic parts
  • 1 - Assembly & Instruction guide

Important Tips:

  • This solar kit will work best under direct sunlight. This kit will not work in cloudy day, shaded location or under fluorescent light.
  • Please read all instruction before you begin.
  • For ages over 10 years old. Not for children under 3 years due to small parts.
  • Adult supervision required.
  • Do not connect any of the parts provided to any AC wall socket or any batteries. This may cause electric shock or a short circuit.