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Adidas Yoga Strap

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A Yoga Strap is a fantastic prop to assist you in holding your poses for longer, increasing your flexibility and ensuring proper alignment.

With a strap your reach can go further than you thought possible, so use it to challenge yourself and to try the more advanced poses you've been leading up to.

The 250cm long Adidas Yoga Strap features a robust D-ring buckle which holds it in place, providing enough tautness whilst ensuring your movement is not restricted in any way to help you progress in your practice.

The straps soft yet tough texture means it won't chafe on your skin and its durability means it'll keep its shape through consistent use.


  • 2.5m in length
  • Anti-slip and easy to adjust
  • Durable tight woven texture
  • Expands your range to achieve more challenging positions
  • Helps aid posture alignment whilst supporting your poses
  • Robust metal D buckle to adjust and secure the strap