Artificial Grass Glue 5L

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For fixing Artificial Grass to any hard surface such as concrete, wood etc.

Ready to create your evergreen haven with your artificial grass?

It's really easy to do, and you'll love the results.

Let's get started!


Step 1: Clean it up

Let’s workout! Grab a broom and sweep the area clean.


Step 2: Lay it out.

Now that the area is spick and span, lay your artificial grass onto the site. 


Step 3 : Measure and cut.

Measure and cut out artificial grass to fit the site.


Step 4: Apply and fix.

Apply glue onto the hard surface and edges of the artificial grass and fix it in place.


Ahh...and this is when two becomes one!


Step 5: Tidy it up.

Enjoy your artificial grass!