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Beauty Bright Instant Vanity Lighting

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Most makeup imperfections are caused by improper lighting.

That’s right, Light!

Ordinary lights in your home [bathroom] cast shadows, accentuating wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.

This leads to over-applied foundation, uneven eye-shadow, or just the wrong color… 'not a good look'.

But now there’s the Beauty Bright Instant Vanity Light!

The new makeup light that instantly attaches to your mirror with two stay-tight suction cups to hold it securely in place.

Giving you full and even front-facing illumination for flawless makeup every time!

Here’s the thing: makeup artists agree that natural sunlight is best for applying makeup.

It’s clear and evenly diffused, so it’s easy to see when something isn’t properly blended.

That’s why Beauty Bright features over 60 True Light LED's specially designed to simulate direct natural sunlight.

Perfectly lighting your face, so you can see clearly, and get flawless results every time!

And unlike lighted counter-top mirrors that take up valuable counter space, and force you to bend down, Beauty Bright is easy to attach and at the perfect height for you - Turning any mirror into a lighted makeup mirror.

And when it’s time to beautify, Beauty Bright is the best for up-close work.

From tweezing your eyebrows, putting on mascara and eye-shadow to helping you blend and contour to perfection.

It’s even great for putting on jewelry!

It’s like having your own private beauty bar!

Now’s the time to get the right light for all your beauty needs so you’ll always look picture perfect.

See yourself in a whole new light because it’s always beauty done right with Beauty Bright!

Beauty Bright is the perfect light for:

  • Makeup
  • Hair Removal
  • Hair Styling
  • Skincare Rituals


  • Designed to stimulate natural sunlight for more precise and flawless makeup
  • Easy to attach to a mirror with suction cups
  • Features over 60 LED's
  • Appropriate for bathrooms, vanities, full-length mirrors etc.
  • Compact for traveling 
  • NB - Beauty Bright Instant Vanity light does not have brightness settings

Package Includes:

  • 1x Beauty Bright Instant Vanity Light with USB cable
  • 2x Suction cups
  • 1x Cord Tamer
  • 1x AC adaptor