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Beer Tasting Sets

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Choose between a beer tasting paddle or beer tasting chalkboard set


    Beer Tasting Set - Chalkboard

    Move over wine bars. Microbreweries have become the newest & amp, hottest place to grab a drink. Now you can bring this hot new trend to your home with the amazing Beer Tasting set. But don’t just limit its use for beer; these taster flights are great to serve whiskeys, bourbons and many other types of liquor. No matter your poison of choice, it’s a novelty experience for any of your guests. What’s more, the set features a chalkboard label for you to write up the names of the beverages, with either chalk or our write-on pens.


    • Micro-breweries are the newest & hottest places to grab a drink.
    • With beer on the rise, tasting boards are a MUST-HAVE item. But don't limit yourself to just beer, these taster flights can also be used to serve whiskeys, bourbons, and other liquors. Whatever the drink-of-choice, the experience is always guaranteed. A major highlight of these boards is that they feature a chalkboard label where names of any kind of beverage can be written with chalk or our write-on pens.
    • Material: Bamboo
    • Glass size:Bottom Diameter :5.715cm H:9cm capacity:148m

    Beer Tasting Set - Paddle

    Impress your guests by treating them to a sample of your favourite beers with the amazing Fine Living Beer-Tasting paddle. This awesome beer-tasting set, which was designed and engineered for professional bars and breweries, can now be a talking piece in your home. It comes with four 4.5-ounce mini pilsner beer sampler glasses, the perfect size for sampling. The glasses are crafted to perfection with hand-treated glass and thick bases. There is even a handy spot to place your bottle caps for easy beer identification.


    • Functional beer-tasting set, designed and engineered for professional bars, brewpubs and breweries Includes four, perfect-sized 4.5-ounce mini pilsner beer sampler glasses heat treated with thick bases. Super strong and amazing design not only makes this piece stand out but offers a conversation piece while sipping your favorite delights. Handy spot for bottle caps inlayed for easy beer identification.
    • Material: Bamboo
    • Glass size:Bottom Diameter :3cm H:11.6cm capacity:118ml