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Bela Fairy Rescue Building Blocks

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In the castle lives the evil fox Dusty - the main minion of the witch Ragany.

Following the orders of her treacherous lady, she guards Queen Elandra, chained in a magical chain.

Only having shown fearlessness and ingenuity, the girls will manage to get over lava flows, deceive Dusty and free the captive.

Using the power of the elements of Fire, rend the green crystal and make it rotate so that safe islands appear over the lava. Balancing on them, overcome the obstacle and find yourself at the foot of the tower.

To go further, press the lever and open the prison door.

Here you will meet a mouse-jeweler, which Dusty caught in a crystal mine and planted in her dungeon.

The mouse paid for helping the elves find their way to the castle of Ragany, but now, thanks to Emily and Azari, she is free again.

Mouse knows this castle well and will be able to show how to climb the towers, enter the bedroom of the evil chanterelle and get the golden key from the shackles of Elandra.

But, you should be careful, since Dusty can smell the approach of uninvited guests and open them by shooting from a magical crossbow.


  • Replica - Bela Fairy Rescue Building Blocks set
  • Brand: Bela
  • Series: Fairy
  • Number of parts: Approx. 841
  • Mini-figurine Count: 2
  • Difficulty Level: 4
  • Suitable For Ages 6 +
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Accessories may vary from illustrations