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BioFeedBac Back Support Belt

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Correct your posture, retrain your brain, realign your spine and experience relief from back pain risk-free with the Doctor designed back breakthrough

Bad posture leads  the spine to being misaligned which causes the muscles, bones and tissue to work even harder to compensate for this spinal imbalance.

 BioFeedbac works by triggering muscle activation to support and correct the spinal column to a neutral position.  The patented nodule receptors gently remind and retrain the muscles and spine to constantly sit in perfect alignment and the messages are sent back to the brain as bio-feedback so eventually your back will naturally re-align even after the belt is taken off!  

This ensures no one part of the back is put under unnecessary strain and that your back does not over compensate, which can cause further injury. You can wear this belt all day and night or just when you feel it needs a reminder to realign. There are no batteries or magnets involved- it is simply like having the expertise of a chiropractor strapped to your back gently reminding you how to do the best thing for your back and posture.


  • Relieves muscular pain fast 
  • Reduces muscle tension 
  • Supports & Improves posture 
  • Drug-free - no electronics - no batteries- no magnets 
  • Pacemaker friendly 
  • Comfortable, Compact and Lightweight
  • Perfect For both men and women 
  • Adjustable velcro for easy use
  • The belt is made from lightweight breathable fabric, yet it is extremely supportive. It takes just seconds to put on and can be worn all day and night with absolute comfort under clothing.  And of course there is nothing better than the feeling of no more pain.