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Call Of Duty Tin Mug

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Let’s be honest there’s nothing worse than receiving a head shot from a camper, stepping in front of the luckiest noob frag grenade throw in the history of all flukes, or respawning only to witness the full force of a hostile care package right on your location. It might be time to put the controller down and take a moment to compose yourself with a nice hot brew.

In which case we can’t think of anything better than this stylish Call of Duty Metal Mug!

This isn’t your standard issue drinking vessel, it’s a mug only reserved for the elite Black Ops! Complete with fantastic official CoD branding, it’s the only way to keep you in the gaming zone whilst having a well-earned break - after all, you've seen some things, man!

Once refreshed, it’s time to get back on your feet, it’s time to show what you are made of, soldier. Oorah!

Also makes a great gift for collectors and fans:

An unusual item featuring iconic design and quality artwork makes a thoughtful gift for collectors, fans, and enthusiasts. Fun, unique and anything but plain, they are sure to be a conversation starter. The sleek design features familiar artwork that is instantly recognizable to a diverse, world-wide fan base. Collectors of any age will be thrilled!


  • Officially Licensed Call of Duty Metal Mug
  • Features iconic Call of Duty Skull
  • Noob and pro-gamer compatible
  • The perfect gaming accessory
  • Measures approx. 13 x 10 x 9 cm