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Camera Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug

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Get a stylish Photo Lens Shaped Mug that is a A Must-Have for Every Shutterbug.

The Silicone-sealed lids provide secure suction, preventing leaks whilst doubling as a cookie saucer.

This high quality mug features a durable plastic exterior styled after the popular Canon zoom lenses.

The Camera Lens Mug can hold up to 375ml of your favorite brew and the water-tight twist-off lid features a thumb slider to prevent spills.

This is An amazing gift for your friends, classmates, colleagues, friends, relatives, those photo enthusiasts or collectors of original items.

Now, picture yourself having the coolest desk in the office with your lenticular jelly bean holder or scooping a delicious ice-cream fudge sundae out of a lens.


  • Replica of a 24-105 mm Camera lens
  • Can be used as a mug or container
  • Silicone-Sealed Lens cover keeps drinks warm and debris-free and provide secure suction to prevent leaks
  • Holds up to 375ml 
  • Durable stainless steel interior and PVC plastic exterior
  • Materials: stainless steel and PVC plastic