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Copper Fit Back Pro Brace

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Copper Fit Back Pro is the ultimate back brace for active people with back pain.

The cycle of soreness, pain, and longer recovery periods can be unbearable.

We believe there is a better way to live day-by-day in less pain and with increased mobility.

Copper Fit is constructed with new technologies, materials, and fabrics that are specially designed to improve performance, support joints and muscles and aid in recovery.

Millions of people, from extreme athletes to everyday people, have benefited from Copper Fit Back Pro.


  • Now you can help reduce lower back stress and strain! The new Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro helps relieve your lower back problems with adjustable compression and support.
  • Back brace has adjustable straps with secure double-belt closure which allows full range of motion while supporting the lower back, helping support lumbar muscles and improve posture.
  • This supportive back belt is made of lightweight and breathable fabric that can be worn below or over clothing
  • 4-way stretch gives you the support you need without sacrificing 360 degree range of motion.
  • Compression technology provides specific, targeted support for muscles and is designed to alleviate soreness and reduce recovery time so you can get more out of every workout or activity.
  • Copper infused
  • Odor reducing
  • Unisex