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Copper Hands- Arthritis Compression Gloves

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Copper Hands- Arthritis Compression Gloves

The temporary relief you need.

If you're suffering from arthritis pain or have weak hands and wrists, you need Copper Hands - the technologically advanced compression gloves that are made with real copper. Made with breathable cotton, spandex, and copper blend, Copper Hands are perfect for year-round use.

They'll even feel comfortable in the hot summer heat. Your fingers need support, whether you're setting up your garden or pounding away at your keyboard, Copper Hands can help improve the mobility in your hands. Use them for continued compression on your joints, muscles, and tendons to reduce inflammation and swelling.


  • Compression gloves made with real copper reduces inflammation and swelling, making them the perfect arthritis gloves, computer gloves, and gaming glove.
  • Unlike your clunky hand brace or wrist brace, Copper Hands is made of lightweight and breathable fabric that's perfect for year-round use.
  • Whether you need wrist support typing or alleviating a tendonitis flare-up, Copper hands offers you superior support for improved mobility (not recommended for carpel tunnel syndrome).
  •  Even in summer heat, Copper Hands remains cool and comfortable so you can get rid of stress and strain.
  • Includes 1 pair of Copper Hands compression gloves