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Cut Resistant Gloves

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These gloves are designed to provides your hands protection against cutting, slicing, peeling, and grating in the kitchen.

Designed for food preparation, filleting fish, wood carving, whittling, hobbies and crafts. 

The high-performance cut resistant material will protect your hands whilst working with sharp objects. 10 times stronger than normal gloves.

Breathable, highly elastic, lightweight and comfortable material.

Like a second skin, gives your hands total dexterity when whittling, wood carving, carpentry and hobbies. 

Level 5 cut protection rating, that means your hands, fingers and wrists are safe whether you're using a sharp knife, working with a mandolin or handling glass or tools.

They have a layer of anti- bacterial protection that provide prevention from contamination.

Keep your hands and food both safe and clean.


  • Level 5 cut protection rating
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • 100% food safe 
  • Available in the color grey 
  • Includes 2x gloves