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Desk Protector Screens

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Protect yourself and your work environment!


Ideal for the office, supermarkets and other retailers, offering protection for staff and customers. The crystal-clear screen is easy to clean and sterilize.

These screens provide a protective barrier for your staff and customers or visitors.

Our screens are an economical counter protector solution.

Not only are they great quality and great value, but they can be retrofitted to your existing counters, checkouts to provide a protective screen for your counter staff and your customers alike.


  • Easy to set up and relocate
  • Counter Screens are designed to be installation - free.
  • The device provides a crystal clear viewing area and places an important barrier between two people.
  • Simply put the Counter Screen at the table-top and it increases the safety for both store employees as well as customers.
  • Can also be used on desks and other areas where you want to put a barrier between two people
  • Limit contact within the workplace with these practical desk screens that will protect against germs and bacteria.
  • It's useful, effective and can be used on any flat surface. It's perfect for most tabletop counters and desks.

Sizes Available:

  • 60 X 60 cm
  • 60 X 45 cm