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Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

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When your dryer is clogged, it works harder. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase your dryer’s time with up to 15-minutes? Now you can, with this Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment.

It’s like a magic wand that makes the lint lingering in your dryer vent disappear. Power clean your dryer.

The Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment goes deep into your dryer and removes years of dangerous lint. Your clogged dryer works harder. You may even need expensive dryer repair. Or worse – a dangerous lint fire can spark.

Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment is a 1 meter long so it reaches deep into your dryer vent and sucks out lint that’s choking your appliance, sending it right to your vacuum bag.

Moving your appliances to clean around them is painful. With the Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment you can easily clean lint and dust. About 16,000 fires happen each year due to clogged dryer vents. Prevent dryer fires before they start when you use the Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment


  • Removes lint buildup from dryer vents
  • Can increase dryer’s dry time up to 15 minutes with regular use
  • Deep cleans and gets where regular vacuums can’t reach
  • Contributes to proper dryer maintenance
  • Flexible design
  • Full 1m/ 3 ½-feet long
  • Attaches to your vacuum hose