Egg Sleeper Pillow

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Egg Sleeper is a soft and comfortable pillow with an ergonomic design that cradles your head and conforms to your sleeping position.

Egg Sleeper a is super-soft, ultra-comfortable PILLOW that guarantees sound sleep every night. Uncomfortable pillows keep you up all night, you fold, flip and fluff but never get that perfect support you have been searching for.

With its 8 million small "micro-comfort" spheres that work together to support your neck and head, you'll never wake up from discomfort again!

Egg Sleeper is so comfortable and supportive that you can run a SUV over it with eggs inside the pillow but they won’t break. You can even sit over the Egg Sleeper pillow with eggs inside the pillow and no eggs crack.

The ergonomic design of the Egg Sleeper cradle your head in comfort. The Egg Sleeper pillow conforms to the shape of your head regardless of your sleeping habits – side sleeper, back sleeper or belly sleeper.

The Egg Sleeper remains COOL – Pillows inherently retain heat owing to the properties of the filling material. But Egg Sleeper allows air flow right through the pillow giving you a cool night sleep.


  • Soft and comfortable pillow
  • Micro-beads to conform to your shape
  • Allows a good night sleep every time
  • Keeps you cool 
  • Super supportive
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fits almost any standard pillow case
  • Machine washable
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