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Esquire Mobile Phone Charger - Black

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Esquire Mobile Phone Charger - Black - Connectors for Nokia, Sony® , Samsung , Motorola Retail Box 7 Days warranty Running out of power for your mobile puts a serious dent in your communication possibilities, and is in short a total nightmare, With Mobile charger, such experiences are a thing of the past. Just insert one Pen light battery into the unit and plug it in for an instant charge of about 50%, and also back up power with the charge that remains. Charging current: 380mA maximum (varies with usage conditions) Adds up to 240mAh to devices battery per AA battery Enables immediate usage of the device, even if the battery is fully depleted 1umA discharge current from the alkaline battery when charging is deactivated Typical efficiency: 87% Compact size Automatic start-up when current drawn at output (upon connection to the device) Automatic shutdown when no current drawn at output (10-second delay) Automatic shutdown when the primary battery is depleted 

Highly portable, instant MP4 Player and mobile phone emergency charger. A powerful charging with a single AA battery gives you a few hours of playtime with your MP4 player, and about 2 hrs of talk time on your mobile phone.The charge time is the same as for your mains-pluggable charger and may vary depending on your handset or player. Comes with four different plugs matching different Players and phones:

To charge your player or Mobile Phone
Load a single AA battery into the charger.
Connect your player to the charger using the compatible plug.
Connect the charger's plug with your MP4 player or mobile phone.
Your MP4 player will not display that it is charging but the LED indicator on the charger will be on.
Your phone should be showing now the "charging" status.