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Extreme Power Resistance Bands

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Train Insane Or Remain the Same...

Get a vigorous, full-body resistance workout, minus the clutter of bulky weights and clunky equipment with this set of premium stackable tube resistance bands, made from the highest-quality rubber for maximum durability

Stackable resistance bands allow you to customize the intensity of your workout: you can use one or multiple bands depending on your desired resistance level.

Any combination of bands may be used at one time, without the inconvenience of juggling multiple handles with each band.

This set is lightweight and portable, so you can get a great workout almost anywhere.

The ease of use and wide range of resistance levels make this set ideal for fitness newbies and workout fanatics alike.


  • Power resistance bands offers different levels of resistance to fit the needs of any user.
  • Choose your level of resistance and begin strengthening and toning your abs, arms, legs, chest, shoulders, and back.
  • Power resistance bands can be taken with you to the gym or used at home.
  • With the clips you will find the bands can be attached to any object giving you results wherever you decide to train.
  • Each resistance band clip allows you the ability to add as much resistance or as little resistance to every exercise making these bands the choice resistance bands for men and women working to achieve their goals fast.


  • Level of Resistance:
  • Yellow: Extra Light - 10 lbs
  • Blue: Light - 15 lbs
  • Red: Medium - 25 lbs
  • Green: Strong - 30 lbs
  • Black: Extra Strong - 35 lbs
  • Material: 100% Latex Tubes
  • Band Length: 122.5cm