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Fish Bite Game

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This fast pace game is fun for all ages!

The aim of the game is to get the most fish on your opponent and less on you.

Two game modes.

Game 1:

Distribute the fish equally to all the players. Let the fish bite onto you. Count down and begin to take off as many fish as you can whilst trying to make the fish bite onto your opponent. After the times up, count how many fish is biting onto each player. The one with the most is the loser.

Game 2:

Rock, paper, scissors.

Each time you lose you get a fish to bite onto you.

After the game is finished, count the one with the most is the overall loser. 


  • Fast pace
  • Safe and clean fun
  • Cultivates the ability to think fast
  • Challenge your friends


  • Blue fish x8
  • Red fish x8
  • Yellow fish x8