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Grip Go Universal Car Mount

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Talk and drive safely while you charge your phone on the go with this Grip Go the universal car phone mount.

Grip Go instantly grips any style phone or GPS and mounts to your dash or windshield without any tools or adhesives.

Grip Go’s unique polymer surface acts like a million suction cups that instantly grip and release over and over again.

Grip Go is easy to use, just press your phone or device firmly against the cradle and remove without any sticky residue.

If it gets dirty, just remove cradle, rinse with water, and it performs like new.

The 360-degree pivoting mount allows you to always get the perfect viewing angle.


  • Grip Go consists of an adjustable lever on which a powerful suction cup is connected to one end, and a suction pad on the other.
  • Grip Go can be mounted onto the dashboard or the windscreen with the help of the powerful suction cup and you can mount your phone on the suction pad on the other end. You can adjust the lever to adjust the phone at any position that you are comfortable with.
  • The holding pad or suction pad is made up of a special polymer, and it consists of thousands of small suction cups, which are responsible for holding the phone in position.
  • Grip Go has got powerful suction cups to fix it to the windscreen and it won’t fall off the screen at all.
  • Another thing is that, unlike the other products Grip Go can be used to hold mobile phones of any size, since it does not have any side limits
  • Other than phones, it can be used to hold GPS navigation systems, tablets, mp3 players and even iPads.