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Hanging Car Boot Organizer

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Great for organising extra storage behind the back seats in the boot.

The all Purpose car boot multi mesh pouch organiser is perfect for keeping all your items close in hand and easy access.

Product Description:

  • The large car seat back organiser gives you somewhere to store those items you want nearby - such as your umbrellas, paperwork or even snacks - without cluttering up the car or getting in the way while you drive
  • 5 Pocket storage
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Water resistant
  • Designed to fit all cars, vans and SUV vehicles
  • Allows you to store sports gear, tools, emergency equipment, pet supplies or toys in your organiser
  • Your backseat and boot will be clean and your car clutter free with this car accessory
  • Deep and sturdy pockets to ensure items do not fall out while driving
  • Fasten to the back of your seat with two attachment points on the top for a secure fit
  • Fold and pack away when not in use
  • Material: Oxford