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HomeMax Butter Knife Magic 3-in-1 Spreader

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Spread hard butter with ease

The Homemax 3 in 1 Butter Knife is your unique butter spreader assistant with three functions: it can be used as a bread cutter, butter curler and scooper and butter spreader.

Gone are the days when your bread will be torn into pieces while spreading butter.

The small slotted holes running down the blade edge are designed to curl hard butter on your bread.

One larger hole designed to curl larger amounts of butter into a rich source of energy on your toast.

Serrated edge makes slicing bread/ butter an effortless task.

You will love the Homemax 3 in 1 Butter Knife whose shredding slots make fancy fine ribbons and clever curls of butter that easily softens on your bread, vegetables or whatever you feel like buttering. 

Use not only for spreading butter and jams but will work great on chocolate and hard cheeses

These stainless steel butter knives are resistant to corrosion, won't react with food or detergent.

Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.