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Homemax Missile Racket Family Fun Game

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This game is a throwing and catching game that allows you to throw the specially designed soft foam covered the ball over monstrously long distances, much further than you could achieve by just throwing a ball by hand.

Each of the netted racquets has a cradle built onto the upper edge that you load the 'ball' into and then, with just a flick of the wrist, you can send it whistling through the air as far as you like and with great accuracy.

Catching is so easy too, thanks to the netting that forms the catch area of the racquets. It gently grabs the 'ball' from mid-air, cushioning it easily and safely. You can even catch and throw on the move, as you can hear the 'ball' as it flies overhead.

Great outdoor fun for all ages.

Anyone from aged 5 up to adults can have hours of outdoor fun with this game.
Any park, field or wide-open area can become the perfect arena for a great game of throw and catch.


  • Netted racquets with throwing cradles
  • Extends your throwing distance enormously
  • Safe and soft ‘ the missile ball’ can be thrown incredibly far
  • Easy to catch and easy to throw
  • Great fun for kids and adults
  • Perfect for the garden, park and sports fields
  • Soars over 50ft high and 150ft long