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Hot Doglicious Microwave Hot Dog Cooker

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The Hot Doglicious is designed to make a vendor-style hot dog in the microwave.

Easily make a perfectly cooked hot dog in under a minute with the Hot Doglicious.

Simply put the hot dog in the cooking chamber, place the bun on top of it, put the lid on and then microwave!

The cooking chamber features ribs that pierce the hot dog’s casing, allowing it to grill and sear from the inside out, while the vent lets steam escape to warm the bun.

The Hot Doglicious works with beef, chicken and veggie franks.

Why Hot Doglicious?

  • Gives you that juicy flavor without the wait.
  • Kid friendly.
  • Perfectly cooks the hot dog and steams the bun.
  • Works great with beef, chicken, and veggie franks.
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only.
  • BPA-Free.

How to?

  • Step One
  • Slide the cooking chamber open and press the hot dog down over the serrations to pierce the hot dog. Then slide the cooking chamber closed.
  • Step Two
  • Place bun over the cooking chamber, and place vent tray over the bun. The vent tray allows just the right amount of steam to be released to properly steam the bun.
  • Step Three
  • Place in microwave and cook for 55 - 60 seconds. To slightly steam the bun, cook the hot dog without the bun for half the time, then add the bun for the remaining cook time. Or you can cook the hot dog without adding a bun.
  • Step Four
  • Slide the cooking chamber open and dispose of unwanted fat. Hot dog will fall into bun once the cooking chamber is opened. Lift base to remove, and enjoy. The vent tray also functions as a plate.