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Hunky Dory Headband Hoops

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Keep your head in the game.

This aimless game is a fun way for you to use your head.

The game will show you how to be the center of attention, even though it might be in an absurdly strange way with ping pong balls being thrown at your head.

Put a little fun in your day with Hunky Dory Headband Hoops.

This light weight and portable game is quick and easy to assemble so you can play the game anywhere.

The adjustable headband fits most head sizes.

If you’re after some fun office games to break the monotony of the work day, then these crazy hats are perfect! You can have some much needed relief from the stresses of the day by shooting a few hoops on your head!

Sure, you may look a little strange with a basket hoop and net attached to your head, but for adults and children alike this indoor basket ball game is fun and easy to play – it makes fabulous novelty gifts for all!


  • Made of Plastic
  • Easy to assemble hoop
  • Adjustable headband fits most heads
  • 10 balls included
  • 17cm diameter rim
  • Net is closed at the bottom to hold balls
  • Fun stress reliever game
  • Anyone over the age of 5 can have fun with this indoor basketball game