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Hygiene Systems Bactrojell Bactericidal 1L Sanitising Jell - Single

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Bactrojell is a ready-to-use clear liquid disinfectant jell that provides effective protection against germs and disease when rubbed on your hands by reducing vectors for pathogenic organisms, lowering the chances of acquiring infections. This product also helps eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria. For the best possible results, clean your hands with sanitizing soap and water. Once completed, dispense 2-4ml of Bactrojell into your palm and work thoroughly onto both hands. Make sure contact is made with the entire skin surface of each hand, including the back of your hands and under fingernails. Leave your hands to air-dry, after which you’ll have three hours of protection thanks to the residual bacteriacide. This concentration leaves no odour after application.


  • Reduces risk of infection by protecting against germs and disease
  • Completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic
  • Provides protection for up to three hours
  • Leaves no odour after application
  • Designed for use in hospitals, clinics, the food industry, and anywhere workers need to practice basic hygiene
  • Can be used in soap dispensers allowing quick, easy, and hygienic application
  • Manufactured in South Africa


  • Active Ingredients_ Triclosan and Ethyl Alcohol 70% (Denatured)
  • Broad-spectrum of activity_ Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses
  • Approved for HACCP use
  • SABS Approved_ SANS 1828
  • Uses: Skin

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  • Hygiene Systems Bactrojell Bactericidal 1L Sanitising Jell x1