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Jeronimo - Environmental Science Series Magnetic S

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This cool kids science kit allows kids to learn and understand the theory of magnetic forces using multiple on hand experiments.

A learning game that is used to explore and find scientific answers to every day findings.

Discover scientific magic with floating pencils, create your own transport system using the Maglev train thoughts and even construct metal sculptures that defy gravity.

This is an all round great kids entertainer as it allows for individual building, team work and hours of plannning, building and executing scientific theories. 


  • Environmental-friendly 
  • Can be reassembled
  • Learning opportunities
  • Physical Hand and motor skill tasks 
  • Anti Gravity sculpture to build
  • Floating spinner science trick
  • Magnetic Compass Kit
  • Magnetic weight scale and magnetic spring mechanism test
  • Random Propelling (U.F.O) machine
  • Age 8+  


  • Product Dimensions: 22cm x 16cm x 3cm