Multifunctional Juice Wizard

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Juice Wizard Juicer is a quick and convenient way of making pure and fresh juice. Just fill the chute with any fruit or vegetable, press, turn - and you instantly have a fresh and healthy power drink.

The juicer is powerful enough to extract juice from green leafy vegetables as well, giving you a highly nutritious drink that provides you with lots of energy. Juice Wizard Juicer gives you more than just powerful beverages.

It also allows you to create guilt-free frozen desserts and snacks: create healthy frozen sorbets, or freeze your kid’s favorite fruit juice into wholesome ice pops.

The possibilities are endless.

After using a juicer, you can use separate pulp that can be placed in a variety of dishes to enhance flavor food. The possibilities are limitless - you can make homemade sauces and seasonings to add natural aroma peel cake, muffins, breads and pastries, soups etc.


  • Extract the juice from fruits and vegetables - enjoy the delicious margaritas, fresh lemonade or healthy shakes!
  • Use the pulp for tasty treats such as apple puree, bread crumbs for plum dumplings, and more
  • Stays desktop - thanks to the system for the vacuum lock
  • A gift jug and strainer for more comfort and less clutter
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Its compact size allows you to dispose of it in any kitchen cabinet. 
  • Working without electricity!
  • Ideal for travel, cottages, camping ....
  • More health, more ingredients

How to use:

  • Attach it using the inbuilt vacuum and locking mechanism.
  • Choose your fruits and vegetables and place in a bowl.
  • Turn the handle of stainless steel.
  • Separate fibre and pulp raw fruits and vegetables using a spiral system that crushes, squeezes and separates. 
  • Pour the juice from a glass (which is not included in the offer) and enjoy!