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Knee Support With Stays

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Do you worry about injuring your knee during exercise? Do you want to protect your knee, while also offering optimal support?

We have the perfect solution for you - our excellent neoprene Knee Support!

The quality Velcro belts of our knee support can be wrapped and clasped together to fit your knee size and they are easily adjustable.  

Durable Material Neoprene is the ideal material for knee supports as it is strong, durable and flexible.

Our knee support can be washed and offer optimal support. Prevents skin irritation and keeps your knee warm.

The knee support offers ideal knee protection - great for post-surgery recovery, injury recovery and injury prevention.

Ideal for athletes who strain their knees a lot during exercise and people suffering from arthritis.


  • Fits either left or right knee
  • Wraparound design for easy on/easy off
  • Elastic, soft material and comfortable to wear
  • Perfect for recover from knee surgery or injuries
  • Help protect the knee and provide medial and lateral support
  • Preventing pain and future injuries during strenuous exercise
  • Breathable hole design