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Mango Slicer

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Mango Slicer - The only thing more joyous than eating a sweet mango, is having it cut into pure mango-eating perfection.

The Fine Living ‘Mango Slicer/Splitter’ does just the trick, by removing the pip and cutting the fruit into half, with one simple press.

It’s sharp stainless-steel blade slices cleanly through the mango, pitting the seed, and leaving almost nothing behind, expect pure mango deliciousness.


  • This Mango Splitter removes the seed and cuts the fruit in half with one simple press. The sharp stainless steel blades slice cleanly through the fruit and leave almost nothing behind on the seed. - Mango pitter
  • Place on top of fruit and press down
  • Light pressing motion the core is removed and the mango is cut into two halves
  • The mango slicer makes a clean cut through the fruit and hardly leaves any fresh fruit clinging to the seed
  • Material: Stainless steel and plastic (Soft grips are gentle on hands)