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Microwave Hover Cover

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The microwave splatter guard that uses microwave-safe, polymer-encased magnets that secure to the roof of your microwave, so it is always ready to use. J

ust pull down to cover and when you’re done, lift and let it hover! Best of all its BPA-free, always cool to the touch, and dishwasher safe


  • Microwave-Safe Splatter Guard With Polymer-Encased Magnets
  • Attaches To Roof Of Microwave When Not In Use
  • Special microwave-safe, polymer-encased magnets Secure It
  • Just Pull Down To Cover Foods
  • Then Lift To Let It Hover
  • Always There When You Need It
  • Cook Food Quickly Without The Mess
  • Protects Against Food Splatter
  • Built-In Steam Vents
  • Stays Cool To The Touch
  • Fits Over Most Plates, Bowls & Even Platters
  • Keep Foods Covered After Reheating
  • Food-Safe & BPA-Free
  • Rinse Clean Or Dishwasher Safe
  • Fits Virtually All Microwaves