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Mini Self-Defense Flashlight

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The Mini Self-Defense Flashlight really packs a punch! Just firing it into the air will make any attacker run. The bright electric current pulsates between the prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound. When the flashlight touches the attacker, it will stun them and hinder their aggressive activity.


  1. Input voltage:5VDC
  2. Current capacity:≥1.8A
  3. Output voltage:>1000kv
  4. Weight:52g
  5. Size:L89mm×W25mm×H17mm


  1. Distinctive U flash disk design
  2. Shell is made of aircraft aluminum,Colorful alumina coating process,aesthetic sophistication
  3. Electric shock activated by push out propeller, and with automatic homing feature
  4. Large capacity lithium polymer battery 
  5. With LED light,high voltage shock functions.durable in use