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Nuevo Gel Insoles

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The gel technology softens the impact when your feet hit the ground and offers long-lasting support – especially useful if you’re spending several hours on your feet at work.

That way, your working day can go on as long as it needs to.

Develop to effectively absorb shocks and help reduce the excessive pressure being put on your feet for a long period.

Whether you want to shop longer, enjoy a stroll with the family or go for a quick power walk around the block – the insoles support your feet, so you can be comfortable all day long.

The firmer gel provides arch and heel support and softer gel gives superior cushioning and shock absorption.


  • The gel absorbs the impact on the whole foot and can help reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee and lower back.
  • Active gel templates designed for any type of shoe.
  • Soft and comfortable, helps relieve rubbing pain. Non-slip massages silica particles design, no more slipping or sliding.
  • Trim the insoles using a scissor to fit perfectly in your shoes


  • They adapt and offer support throughout the day.
  • Prevent callous and blisters caused by new shoes with this pair.
  • Perfect for physical and sporting activities as well as everyday use.
  • They reduce the feeling of fatigue.
  • The  gel insoles help prevent tired feet.