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Oplink Connected C1S3 Triple Shield Wireless Security System Wireless Security & Monitoring and Surveillance Solution

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Oplink Connected C1S3 Triple Shield Wireless Security System Wireless Security & Monitoring and Surveillance Solution-includes:1 x OPU2120, 1 x Wi-Fi IP Cam, 2 x Door/Window Sensor, 1 x Siren, Retail Box , 1 Year warranty  

The Oplink’s TripleShield™ [ 6957576290516] wireless security, monitoring, and surveillance system is a first-of-its-kind, plug & play home security solution for your home or business that requires no pairing and installs in minutes.

TripleShield provides reliable, 24/7 high quality live video so you can monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world, and it seamlessly integrates multiple video streams from different locations into one easy-to-use all through Oplink's free mobile app smartphone interface.

It will even record and send a video clip 5 seconds before and 25 seconds after an event is triggered, providing you with the verification you need to take appropriate action.

The Oplink TripleShield system provides fast, accurate alerts and notifications to multiple authorized users.This do-it-yourself kit is easy to install and does not require a paid subscription for basic service.  

•View and record multiple video feeds
•Monitor doors, windows, and more
•Monitor a large area for motion
•Sound an alarm and auto-record when a sensor is triggered
•Arm/disarm system with mobile app or keyfob remotes
•Plug and play devices auto-enrol with hub 


Connected Cloud – Secured for you!

  • The Oplink Connected cloud is the heart of our cloud-based monitoring solutions. Our cloud allows you and a trusted group of family or friends to make informed decisions about your triggered alerts simultaneously and instantly. Oplink systems are more secure than regular IP-based devices that are exposed to the Internet. Your OPU is protected behind your broadband router. A hacker would first have to hack your Internet connection and then penetrate an additional firewall to access your Oplink devices. Two-layers of protection to put you at ease.

The Oplink Hub

  •  The main hub of the Oplink security system (known as the Oplink Processing Unit or "OPU") seamlessly integrates all of your Oplink cameras and security sensors into one cloud-based system. The hub wirelessly connects the sensors to Oplink's cloud platform and mobile app, allowing you to log into your system through a mobile device from anywhere you have an Internet connection.


  • Let’s you be up and running in minutes. Simply connect your Oplink Processing Unit (OPU) to your existing broadband connection. Install our smartphone app, install your devices and you are able to monitor your home or business in no time. Oplink Connected Alarm is the first Plug-Activate-N-Play™ home automation system-in-a-box you can quickly and easily install yourself. Your Oplink system intelligently manages sensors in multi-locations and sends alerts directly to you through your existing broadband connection.

Free Smartphone App

  • The entire solution is controlled through an easy-to-use free smartphone app, giving you complete control. It allows you to receive real-time video, video alerts and push notifications inside the app – anytime, anywhere. Even better, if you have multiple locations, many Oplink systems can be managed by your one mobile app. Available for free on Android, iOS and Windows.The app's home screen features four tiles that provide access to the four main functions of the security system: Video, VideoGram, Control, and Armed/Disarmed Status.

Secure your home or business with a complete self-monitoring system

  • Oplink Connected Alarm is a complete package of door/window sensors and video cameras to give you the peace of mind that comes with mobile alerts–anytime, anywhere.In addition to providing remote control over your security system, the Oplink mobile app also enables automatic pop-up alerts on your tablet or smartphone. When an event occurs at home, you can automatically receive email and mobile "push" notifications.   

What's Included in the package
•Oplink Processing Unit (OPU)
•1x IP Cameras with auto night vision
•2x Door/window sensors
•1x Siren
•1x 16GB video storage device
•1x Ethernet cable,
•1x Double-sided tape,
•1x Pack of Screws
•Owner's manual
•Free mobile app
Size H36, W63, D24cm.
Weight 2kg
Batteries are not included in this package
NOTE: Requires Internet service and a wireless router.